The Dutch Clinical NLP Workshop


The Dutch Clinical NLP Workshop

Third Edition: DCNLP 2024

In the third edition of the Dutch Clinical NLP (DCNLP 2024) workshop, hosted by Utrecht University, various experts will discuss recent advances in the use of natural language processing in the healthcare context. The goal of the workshop is to facilitate the exchange of ideas and future collaboration between hospital, academia, and private sector stakeholders.

Date and Venue

The DCNLP 2024 will take place in Utrecht on June 24 2024.
The venue is Victor J. Koningsbergergebouw (room Atlas), Budapestlaan 4a-b, 3584 CD Utrecht.


Would you like to join the DCNLP 2024?

Contributing authors can already submit their abstracts. Everyone wanting to attend whether with or without a contribution will be asked to fill in the registration form which will follow shortly. You can always reach out to us with more questions.

Getting There

Public Transport

Bus 🚌  nearest stop: Botanische Tuinen

Tram 🚊 nearest stop: Padualaan

Train 🚆 from Utrecht Central station take the bus to Botanische Tuinen or tram 22 to Padualaan

Bicycle 🚲 parking present at Victor J. Koningsberger building

Car 🚗

Car park 🅿️P9 Budapestlaan

Car park 🅿️ P6 Padualaan

Disabled parking (2x ♿️ 🅿️) Budapestlaan 17 

Entrances 🚪

Main entrance: Wheelchair accessible, located on the east side of the building, facing the lawn between the building and the Budapestlaan. Type: revolving door and automatic door (use the bell for access).

Alternative entrance: Wheelchair accessible, located via the first floor of the Minnaert building. Type: regular door. Note: heavy door.

Elevators 🛗

Present, located between the front desk and the staircase, go straight for about 20 meters, through the door, elevator on the right. Range: 6 of 6 floors.

Wheelchair Accessibility ♿️

Accessible toilet present on the ground floor and fourth floor. Location (ground floor): go between the front desk and the stairs, straight for about 20 meters, on the left.

Kiosk 🥪

Wheelchair accessible, located on the first floor, on the same side as the Minnaert building.

All-gender toilet 🚻

Not present. Nearest: Hans Freudenthal building

Assistance 👨‍💼

Available via the front desk: tel. +31 30 253 7540, a few meters from the main entrance.

First Aid, Lactation, or Quiet Room ⛑️

Present. Type: first aid and quiet room.
Location: room 0.17.
Facilities: bed and chair.
Access: via front desk.

Special Assistance 🙋

Please let us know if you require special assistance or additional accessibility arrangements by contacting us. We are trying to make the workshop as accessible to everyone as possible and we will do our best to meet your needs.


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