The Dutch Clinical NLP Workshop


The 3rd Dutch Clinical NLP workshop is organized by a team from Utrecht University’s Natural Language and Text Processing (NLTP) group, Social and Affective Computing group, University Medical Center Utrecht’s Data Science and Biostatistics group, and VeiligheidNL.

and Kiki Houwers who among other things has helped design this website.

The NLTP group works together on research projects  to understand, interpret and model natural language. In addition, the group develops a wide range of open educational materials on text mining and NLP, as well as many tools for the community to use.

VeiligheidNL is the centre of expertise for injury prevention and has been working for 40 years to make the lives of millions of people safer by promoting safe behavior in a safe environment. The centre aims to achieve this through monitoring, expertise promotion, educating, and advising partners and professionals.

Some of our recent publications on the application of NLP in medical contexts include:

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