The Dutch Clinical NLP Workshop

Call for Sponsors


Now that electronic health records are commonly used, the availability of clinical texts is growing. Many of the fields in the electronic records are not structured, but are open text. In recognition of this evolution, we are organizing a one-day workshop dedicated to exploring the advancements and opportunities of Dutch Clinical NLP.

This workshop discusses the automatic analysis of textual clinical health data to advance medical research and improve healthcare related services. In this workshop we will bring together researchers from universities, hospitals and companies. We expect 50-75 participants, mainly researchers and scientists from the Netherlands and Flanders.

Why Sponsor?

  • Visibility: Position your organization at the forefront of the Dutch Clinical NLP domain. Engage with researchers and practitioners.
  • Networking: Largest clinical NLP event in the Netherlands, so a great opportunity to network
  • Knowledge Sharing: Understand the challenges and needs of the hospitals and industry, and showcase how your solutions can bridge the gaps.
  • Support the Community: By sponsoring, you contribute to the further development of Dutch Clinical NLP, fostering innovation and collaboration in Dutch clinical NLP.

Sponsoring Tiers

For this event, we offer two sponsor packages:

🥈 For €500 (excl. BTW) (silver) you will get:

  • your logo and link on this website;
  • your logo in the program;
  • an information table during the event;
  • one registration for the event.

🥇 For €1000 (excl. BTW) (gold) you will get:

  • all of the benefits of the silver package;
  • 2 registrations

 Next Steps

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